Texts in Humanities With Endnotes

based on LaTeX, BibTeX, Koma, jurabib and mykeds-CSR

Sometimes it's good to have a system for generating texts in humanities. Recently I did the first part of my homework. And now I've extended the formerly offered single example file as a complete development framework for generating research papers in the field of humanities. Here is the English abstract of a self explaining article demonstrating the style of humanities which offers endnote-based annotations..

If you want to learn more details please read the more elaborated German version: firstly it also explains why - in my opinion - this style is (somewhat) better than the style recommended by the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. And secondly it also describes shortly how such documents can be generated on the base of jurabib.

If you want to know whether and how you can generate such documents on the base of the underlying myCsrf, please read the mycsrf-README file.