Howto setup a ZAML instance for starting your own site

Basic Setup

  1. Generate an empty utf8 mysql database and its database admin (for example using the phpMyAdmin frontend)
  2. Download the actual ZAML-Tarball. Change into your http-root directory and extract this tarball.
  3. Change into the generated directory zaml.web
  4. Replace the typo3_src-link by a soft link pointing to your actual typo3-backend. (For resetting your values see/modify also bin/
  5. Edit the file typo3conf/localconf.php. Replace the values of typo_db_username, typo_db_password, and typo_db by values fitting the access of the generated mysql database. Reset the value of installToolPassword to one of your other typo3 instances.
  6. Inside of the shell call 'mysql -u root -p YOURDBNAME < ./zaml3-mysqldb-YYYY-MM-DDTHH-mm-SS.dump' (and replace the string YOURDBNAME by the name of the created empty database)
  7. Using the normal typo3 configuration tp3.zaml/typo3/install/index.php generate a new site admin
  8. Have a look at the result using the typo3 frontend view (http: / / localhost/zaml.web/typo3/install/index.php) - you should now see our zaml demo on your own machine.
  9. Have look at the typo-3 internal matter (http: / / localhost/zaml.web/typo3/backend.php)
  10. Feel free to rename the generated directory zaml.web. But in this case you must replace some configuration values (see Realurl and Static Export)

Customizing your sitecolors

  1. Move all images in the directory fileadmin/images into any archive directory such that typo3 can't find them (you get a pure colour based view of zaml without pictures)
  2. Go to the directory fileadmin/css/screen
  3. Customize all (background) colors in the files basemod.css, basemod-132.css, basemod-13.css, superfish.css, sidenavmod.css and content-site.css
  4. Move all archived images back into the directory fileadmin/images
  5. Change all images with respect to your color sheme.
  6. Bingo

Realurl and Static Export

If you want to use the realurl extension in combination with the crawler extension to extract your site as set of static pages, do additionally this:

  1. Customize the files Makefile, release.txt, copyright.txt, and lying in your originally extracted tp3.zaml directory
  2. Open the template description of the ROOT page and replace the value of baseURL by the really valid value
  3. Open the page view onto the root page, switch to the tab OPTIONS and customize the line staticpub.baseUrl = http:/ / / zaml.web/
  4. Open a shell and goto your tp3.zaml-directory
  5. Call 'make' inside of your Typo3 root (=> generates _staticpub_)
  6. Call './bin/' to customize _staticpub_ into your static site directory
  7. Move your generated site directory somewhere into the apache root.