ZAML: Zealously Attended Multicolumn Layout

ZAML ist nothing more or less than a generalized and 'templatized' version of the Fodina-Site itself. Fodina integrated the Superfish Dropdown Menu and the Bretteleben Slideshow into the YAML-Framework and its 3 liquid faux column template. Finally it embedded all these parts into a Typo3 instance. Hence - if you think, that you also could create your own site on the base of YAML, Superfish and Bretteleben, then feel free to try it by using ZAML. Fodina supports you:

  • Read the instructions to setup your own zaml instance for starting your own site
  • Download all materials to setup your own zaml starting instance.

Be careful: YAML ist published under its Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Licence(CC-A 2.0). Setting up your own site based ZAML requires to RESPECT THE LICENCE RULES OF YAML. Superfish and Bretteleben are published under GPL. Hence ZAML - without the pure YAML files - is also published under GPL (scripts) and a Creative Commons Licence.

Last news: Zaml-3 was published on Saturday 16.04.2011. Now Zaml follows strictly the YAML 3 liquid faux column templates. And the result was tested on different devices, operation systems and browsers:

Linux / Ubuntu Lucid LynxFirefox 2ok
Firefox 3.6ok
Firefox 4ok
Windows XPFirefox 2.0ok
Firefox 3.6ok
Firefox 4ok
IETester/IE 5.5wrongly evaluated measures
IETester/IE 6ok
IE 7.0ok
IE 8.0ok
Opera 11ok
Mac OSSafari 3.0ok
Android 2.1Internetok
Dolphindrop down menu overloaded
Firefox 4(still?) not available for 2.1
Opera Minidrop down collides with opera's own long press context menu