How can my Android mobile phone become my assistant in translations?

Translation or Dictionary - which search item should we use in the Android market? It depends on the intention: The Android market offers different apps for a more or less automatic translations of texts. But I - for myself - prefer to write (or at least: to translate) my texts by myself. Hence I need an electronic dictionary on my Android device if my smartphone shall become my lingual assistant. And for that purpose the Android market offers two well evaluated apps: the Leo application and the ColorDict application:

On the one hand the Leo application is nothing more or less than another client for the well known Leo Online System. Hence it inherits all advantages: you have access to many great and well elaborated dictionaries like German-English, German-French etc. etc. The quality is as excellent as in the site: no problem to translate ‘antizipieren’ as ‘to anticipate’. But the advantage is also a disadvantage: for using Leo you must be online. Can one accept this if one visits a foreign country? For the moment the roaming costs still say No. And therefore LEO is not the best solution to assist in such a speech situation.

On the other hand ColorDict is a dictionary application which offers a "fast search" in "offline & online dictionaries". And indeed the installation of ColorDict itself is only one part. The first start of the app additionally evokes the installation of dictionaries which shall be used by the app. These dictionaries are also free and can be found in the market too. They are firstly installed as 'Android App', but later on ColorDict copies them into the Sdcard memory and erases them out of the app storage. So you get an translating online and offline assistant. But again: the advantage is a disadvantage. Because you need small dictionaries for not dissipating the limited memory the quality is limited. The German-English dictionary could not solve 'antizipieren' as 'to anticipate' - a result, I had anticipated.

And hence last night I finally installed both apps, Leo and ColorDict.