My Little Prezi Presentations

Ok, as I already mentioned before, I am a little bit old-fashioned: I love to write with LaTeX on Linux using make, eclipse, ghostscript and ps2pdf. For my presentations I normally use Open Office (Impress) - and naturally I prefer the style of ZEN Presentations (a first step not to be as old-fashioned as possible)

But recently I discovered the the PREZI presentations. This could become ZEN Presentations 2.0.

On the following pages I offer the following parts:

  • Firstly you find a description how to use PREZI presentations on a Linux/Ubuntu system in the offline mode and even if there isn't offered a GNU/Linux specific PREZI reader.
  • Secondly you find my first serious PREZI presentation which is nothig more than an introduction into myself - in 2+x minutes.