Little GNU Site Preparer

About the Idea of the lgsp

The LGSP is an environment for creating the initial version of a site: You are able to determine the whole logical structure and the outfit of your site. You write your wishes into a special LGSP configuration file, which then will be used by the site generator «lgsp.php». This tool generates and links all full elaborated framepages and template versions of all contentpages which together constitute your site. And for generating and editing such LGSP configuration files LGSP also offers a full elaborated HTML-frontend.

The aim of LGSP is to be a tool by which one can very simple and very fast generate complex sites without one has to be able to write complex html sourcecode. Here are some of the central capabilities ofLGSP:

  • You can describe a mainmenu and for each entry of that mainmenu a special submenu. With respect to these whishes you will get a mainmenu page, a guide page and for each entry of each submenu a full elaborated target file. Each entry of the mainmenu is already linked to the corresponding submenu. And inside of the guide page that submenu will automatically be presented whenever you have clicked on a mainmenu entry.
  • You can select all colors for all parts of your site. And you may determine buttons and logos too. With respect to these wishes all pages will be prepared inclusive the nescessary java-script- and stylesheet-code, for getting a mouse-over/mouse-down/mouse-out html-page.

In this sense you may think of LGSP as Little GNU Site Preparer.