Use Prezi Presentations On GUN/Linux In Offline Mode

A Wonderful Packed Solution

A few weeks ago Thomas Freudenberg wrote an offline preziPlayer for GNU/Linux. Whenever you can, you should use this tool: it works perfectly and it is very well documented.

The Elder Do-It-Yourself-Method

Normally you can present Prezi-Presentations using two methods:

  1. You can use the online presentation mode offered by the Prezi site itself (
  2. Or you can download a presentation-zip file which includes a Prezi-Presentation Application (prezi.exe) for executing an offline presentation.

Unfortunately this app is a windows app. But luckily the kernel off a Prezi-Presentation is a flash file. So we "only" have to "extract" the pure flash file data if we want to present a Prezi-Presentation on an Ubuntu Linux System. On the internet this idea was already described in a more general way. For all the sticklers of detail I list all single steps here:

  • Install a modern Ubuntu System like Lucid Lynx and its firefox package.
  • Install adobe-flashplugin using synaptic
  • Generate a new top-directory for all your Prezi-Presentations.
  • Call the Adobe-Flash-Configurator being offered as Adobe Web-Flash-Application.
  • Using the buttons "Edit locations" (offered in the tab "Global Security Settings") and the button "Add location" (being embedded into the called dialog) add your generated prezi-top-directory as a location from which the flash player always trusts new reloadable files.
  • Goto and load down your Prezi-presentation as zip file ("export to Portable prezi to present offline").
  • Unzip the zip file inside of your prezi-top-directory (by which your generate the prezi-specific-top-directory)
  • Change into the generated prezi-specific-top-directory.
  • Call a shell and insert "mv ."
  • Open the Firefox and open the file "prezi-top-directory/prezi-specific-top-directory/movie.swf"