How can I synchronize my Linux evolution calendar and my Android calendar using my Google Mail Account?

On my Linux desktop I'm using evolution as Personal Information Manager: I'm writing my mails with evolution, I'm managing my schedule data with evolution, and I'm managing my contacts with evolution. Hence since I had decided to buy this smartphone I wished to connect my T-Mobile G2 touch with evolution, even if I had therefor to establish a detour via Google:

  • At first I had to generate my new Google account which is nothing more than a Google mail address like As soon as I got the account I could access not only the Google web mail but also the Google web calendar and - embedded into the web mail application - the Google calendar.

  • Then I had simply to open evolution for calling up the menu entry New/Calendar. By the dialog which now was opened I could

    • configurate the new calendar as Google calendar (Drop Down Selection),
    • insert my Google account
    • activate the offline option
    • define the calendar as default calendar

  • And finally I had to do "nothing more" than to copy my existing schedule data manually from the old calendar into the new Google calendar.