Is it really not possible to connect evolution and the T-Mobile G2 touch via T-Mobile myPhonebook?

I am sorry but I am afraid we should assume for the moment, that it's really not possible - but hopefully not for ever. If you want to know more details, read the following sentences. If you only want to know the currently valid fact, perhaps it should be better to stop here.

myPhonebook of T-Mobile is a nice browser based PIM application which can be connected with a mobile phone. This connection evokes, that the PIM data in the net application are (semi-) automatically synchronised with the phonebook of the mobile phone and vice versa. Edit and change, whereever you want - the master is in the "cloud".

And even more: If you already use the T-Online email center you can also connect myPhonebook with this other browser based PIM application of the Deutsche Telekom being called by Meine Dienste in T-Online: You get a 3 step based synchronisation. You become a pim addressbook hopper. So, if you want to use the myPhonebook simply follow the explanations in mein T-Mobile

The problem in our context is, that the T-Mobile G2 touch still isn't listed as mobile phone which can handle myPhonebook. The cause seems to be very simple: a corresponding SyncML application is missed.

This is a little bit strange, because the new T-Mobile Pulse is definitely listed as myPhonebook mobile phone, although the Pulse is also an Android Mobile phone using very similar firmware (1.5) and kernel versions (2.6.27). And we have positively tested the whole way of sychronising: from pulse to myPhonebook to the T-Online email center and back to pulse again.

If this works then the next step should also be possible: a link between evolution and the mobile phone (the Pulse) via the Linux the application MultiSync,  which has announced to offer a SyncMLl module/option. Hence one should be able to configure this with the same data like the SyncML-app of the pulse has been configured.

But that's only a theory  at least for me. Therefore I am hoping that we will get a SyncML-app for the T-Mobile G2 touch too. Until this will happen, I have to use other ways.