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My Android Smartphone and the Google Market

Can we manage our Facebook account by using our Android smartphone? And if it is possible do we really want to use our smartphone? Hmmm, yes it is possible, but one should be careful [...]

Can we twitter by using our Android smartphone? And if, do we necessarily use the HTC app peep? Or do we find other apps offered by the android market? And which should we use? Well, yes, we can [...]

your own ring tone into android mobile phone

Is there anything like Yoono for simultaneously updating facebook and twitter messages? I'm afraid no. Yoono is a wonderful integrated firefox plugin. But for Android we have to use seperated apps, a facebook client and twitter client.

Can I manage my files on the sdcard with an Android application? And if so, can I get an appropriate really free open source application for replacing the annoying USB bricolage? Well, sometimes the answer is simply yes [...]

Can I read eBooks on my Android smartphone? And if so, can I directly call the eBook reader by touching a link in a web page? Well, and sometimes the answer is yes and no  [...]

Can my Android smartphone become my language assistant? And if so, can I use both, online and offline dictionaries? Well, a good message with respect to the roaming costs: yes, if necessary, you can use both  [...]