Can I view PDF files delivered as mail attachments or offered as download links in web pages?

The T-Mobile G2 touch offers an 'acrobat reader' named  PDF Viewer and branded as 'HTC Cooperation'. This Viewer is fully integrated into the application environment:

  • If you get an email with a PDF attachement then you can explicitly evoke the download of the attached file. And if the download is complete you can press a button which directly leads into the PDF Viewer.
  • If you touch a link of web page leading to a PDF file then this file is downloaded (physically into the directory 'download'). After the completion of download you can touch the entry in the download history for calling the PDF Viewer which then presents the downloaded file. For calling the download history use menu>more>downloads.
  • Additionally you can also call the PDF Viewer by yourself. In this case it starts with a list of pdf documents found on your sdcard. Hence you can also push a pdf file into your Android smartphone by using the USB wire. As method to transfer the files you can apply the method to transfer selfmade ring tones.