Frankfurt Marathon 2010: Grossly Less Than 4 Hours

First Try

I love to run marathons. At most since my former boss tried to turn his team into a runners - I'm really manipulable, particularly by bosses. But frankly spoken: A marathon is unhealthy and boring. Healthy is only the time before - auspicious the time after it.

I got my fastest run in 2008 in Frankfurt: 03:54:51 - I've never understood how this could had happened. Nevertheless: my gross-running-time was still more than 4 hours. Because of the many many other participants in Frankfurt you have a long stand(!)by time, which naturally is included into the gross running time.

So, in 2010 I planned to beat myself by running grossly under 4 hours. But I have to state that I missed my target. Sorry, my own fault. Here are the three rookie mistakes I hopefully won't do again:

  • Don't start in the area of your last result - start in the starting area of your intended finishing time, even if you are not assigned officially to that area: to overtake slower runners is exhausting and alluring.
  • Don't let you chevied by the other runners - respect your own solid run plan.
  • Don't repeat hurting your own plan, if you have noticed, that you have run too fast.
2010-09-1921Neu Isenburg01:50:0001:46:425:03