How can we manage our social Facebook net by using our Android smartphone?

The intention of Facebook is heavily discussed. The service seems to be a little 'data greedy': Recently a Stern online article asked why Facebook wants to know the email address of my aunt. The same problem was analyzed by an Heise article. For the moment there exist at least three apps and four possibilities to participate in Facebook by an Android smartphone. And indeed these possibilities have to be reviewed with respect to the data greedy Facebook:

The official 'Facebook for Android' application allows you to read the broadcast messages of your friends, to look at profiles of you're your friends, to insert messages to your friends, and it allows you to change your own profile. That's fine.

Less fine is this: During the installation the app requires the access to the network (ok, one wants to work online), to the system tools (ok, the app should be correctly integrated), and to the private android data. Yes, it wants the priviledge to read and write your contact data stored on your smartphone“ but for what purpose? Grrr... While testing the app I did not find any service of the app which used these data. Hence I had given the app more rights than it later on needed to do it work. I'm not paranoid [hope so ;-) ], but here the app has hurt a border. Therefore I erased the official Facebook app last night.

The most known alternative bloo works like the official Facebook app. And like the official app it's not reviewed as positive as I had wished.  But moreover: during the installation the app requires many more rights than the official app. And again the required rights seem not to be nescessarily used by the app. Hence I erased also the most known alternative bloo.

A simple solution brought into play by another but senseless alternative

Additionally the Android market offers the app Android Facebook written by Bartolo Iliano who himself announces his app as best app 2010. Nevertheless the Android market reviews and comments don't acknowledge this claim. And inded the app seems to do nothing more than redirecting to the specific mobile interface Sometimes the simple way is the best way: why not using the browser instead of a native app? offers all you need.