Finally Again Any Marathon Under 4 Hours

I got my fastest run in 2008 in Frankfurt: 03:54:51 - I've never understood how this could had happened. Nevertheless: my dream is running in grossly less than 4 hours. Because of the many many other participants in Frankfurt you have a long stand(!)by time, which naturally is included into the gross running time. But now, after two tries, let me set a weaker goal.

So, in 2012 again I am going to beat myself by running under 4 hours:

DateKMPlacePlanRealmin/km finally (grossly) less than 4 hours
2012-09-1621Neu Isenburg01:55:0001:52:095:15

Sometimes it is easier if you accept help!

After my "crash" in Rostock I had to find new ways: I had to take a personal coach. A good decisions! I had never so much pleasure during my set-up time and during the run. Honour to whom honour is due: This is also the merit of Tobias Hopf - a wonderful tutor!!!