My Android Apps Sorted by Frequency of Usage

AppAwareSee how other users actually improve their phonedaily
JorteManage your appointments and task by synchronizing with Google Calendar and Google Tasksdaily
K9Use an Open Source email clientdaily
Android System InfoView the status of your device.often
FacebookManage your facebook snippetsoften
Handcent SmsUse an advanced sms applicationoften
LeoUse the Online dictionaryoften
SnowstormUse a weather widgetoften
TouiteurChange your twitter user experienceoften
Advanced Task KillerClear the Android memorysometimes
DiskUsageFind files and directories which consumes a lot of space. sometimes
DudenGet help for writing good germansometimes
OI File ManagerBrowse your SD card, create directories, rename, move, and delete filesometimes
OI NotepadCreate, edit, send, and delete notes.sometimes
OI Safe Protect your passwords and other private data with AES encryptionsometimes
OSMonitorLet you monitor your android systemsometimes
RailnavigatorFind and manage railway connectionssometimes
UninstallerUninstall apps from your phone faster and more easilysometimes
AldikoRead eBooks on your Android phonerarely
Analoger KompassGet the right point of the compassrarely
AndRanking Find the most popular Android applications rarely
aSpotCatList the installed apps by permission for helping you find the malicious appsrarely
aTrackDog Find the newest version for all apps even they are not listed in Marketrarely
Auto Memory ManagerReconfigure criteria for stopping appsrarely
cab4meGet a cab. Anytime. Anywhere.rarely
Daily DilbertDisplay the Daily Dilbert cartoon published directly in their RSS feedrarely
Das TelefonbuchFind commercial and private telephone and service numbersrarely
FBReaderUse an ebook reader supporting epub, oeb and fb2rarely
Gelbe SeitenSearch services and companiesrarely
Google MailAndroid apps from Google: Get your email the instant it arrives via pushrarely
Google MapsNever carry a paper map againrarely
Google Sky MapExplore the skies oOpens external link in new windown your Android phonerarely

Google TalkInstantly message your friends and familyrarely
GPS StatusDisplay your GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellitesrarely
gReaderRead your rss/feed news in one placerarely
Layara beautiful, fun Review the augmented reality using an app that shows you the things you canʼt seerarely
Mediencenterstore your images, songs, and media files in the Telekom cloudrarely
meinestadt.deget the content of with a GPS based focusrarely
MocoSpace ChatChat using that application which says it's the best chat applicationrarely
MyTracks record GPS tracks and view live statistics while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities.rarely
my2centsFind out what others think about products, recommend your favorites, warn others about bad stuffrarely
nachrichtenUse one app for reading news offered by different sources rarely
ÖffiGet the next tram / bus at the next stoprarely
OI Shopping Listkeep track of your shopping items, your ToDo items or party guests.rarely
OpenSudokuPlay open source based sudoku gamesrarely
Adobe PDF ViewerRead pdf files using the standard apprarely
Post MobilFind services of the German Post - like PostBox or anything else rarely
VuDroidView djvu and pdf documentsrarely

watchdogmonitors the phone's apps and alerts you when one is running in excess of your thresholdsrarely
wetter.comGet your weather forecastrarely
wetter.infoGet your weather forecastrarely

World NewspaperRead the best Newspaper , Magazines or Websites from all around the Worldrarely
All in OneUse a one stop solution for your search querieserasedToo rarely used
Android CentralGet new android news, reviews, apps, podcastserasedhmmm
APKtorDownload and install applications located on public repositorieserasedImportant, but do I really need it?
Astrid TasksUse Android's simple task recording dashboarderasedNice, but Jorte is Jorte
ASTROManage your Android files and directorieserasedNice, but I prefer the
OI File Manager
FahrplanDEGet actual bus, tram, and railway connectionserasedNice, but I use Railnavigator and Öffi
FMyLifeRead descriptions of shitty moments ruining the day and evoking the shout F(uck) M(y) L(ife)erased
Funny - but only once or twice
GmoteTurn your Android into a remote control for a computererasedNot for me
gTasksManage your busy lifeerasedFor me there's only one interface: Jorte
Instant Heart RateMeasure your heart rate using the built-in cameraerasedNice idea, but not really nescessary
IQ Tester Test your intelligence using a quiz applicationerasedA toy, not more
KeePassDroidBeware your passwords in a safeerasedhmm, I prefer OI Safe
Linda ManagerExplore and manage your files, apps, zips, tasksrarelyAlso nice, but again I prefer the
OI File Manager
NavigonConvert your android phone into a navigatorrarelyWithout a car I don't need such a byte glutton

ParkdroidSave the parked car location and Parkdroid will help you find it with GPSrarelyAgain, without a car I don't need such an application
Post it DeskUse a Post-it-WidgetrarelyTask in Jorte and note in OI Notepad: that's enough
Programm ManagerPlan your television userarelyI don't have any television
(except my computer)
SeesmicManage multiple Twitter accounts in a simple and beautiful interfaceerasedChoosing means deciding: I prefer touiteur
Thinking SpaceCreate eye-catching mindmaps quickly and easilyerasedMy phone screen is to small for such an app