Do it simply again ...

In 2012, finally I overcame myself: 42,195 km in net 03:51:04 and - with 03:56.21 - also grossly under 4 hours. A dream had become true, I thought. And so -- because I am a man -- I had decided to beat myself again in 2013, in a durance less than 03:45.

But sometimes, the life becomes better than you expect it to be: In 2013, I had the honour to practise and prepare myself together with my very nice and venerable colleague, Ta'id Holmes. Starting from 8 km with some breaks in March, we coached ourselves to pass the marathon in October in about 4 hours.

Doing this together with Ta'id brought me the best marathon build-up I ever had - with the greatest pleasure and enjoyment I ever had. Many thanks to you, Ta'id. Indeed - let's do it simply again, just for having the fun again...

2013-09-1521Neu Isenburg01:54:5901:53:0005:26