How can I integrate my self made ring tones into my android phone?

Whenever I get a new mobile phone one of the first things I want to configurate is the specific ring tone for my darling: I love to hear the waltz of Amelie and I love her, my darling - what a wonderful combination.

For my new Android phone I firstly scanned the internal ring tone list: nice proposals, but no Amelie. Secondly I tried to find the song as t-mobile realtone. Unfortunately Amelie music seemed not to be offered. But I found 'Miss Marple'. My Darling loves Miss Marple music. Ok, not the same as the Amelie waltz, but a solution. Hence I touched the button 'buy' - and had to select the vendor of my mobile phone. Unfortunately the  T-mobile G2 touch isn't listed, neither as t-mobile device, nor as htc device. Ok, one shouldn't give up his aims as fast as I just would had done it.

In the net you can find solutions postulating that you have your G2 touch already rooted. For the moment that's not my way. But it's good to know that ring tones should be mono sounds, should be stored in the ogg format and normally are lying under /system/media/audio/ringtones (a directory, into which we are not allowed to copy anything using our filemanager)

But sometimes the direct way is the best way. Therefore I did this:

  1. Using audacity and my Amelie music cd I created an extract of 'la valse d'amelie' of 704k. I didn't want to store the complete song if the only 20 first sec are needed.
  2. Then I connected my android phone to my Linux Ubuntu laptop using the usb wire. For establishing the connection I had to pull down the top line containing the little status icons and had to touch the entry 'activate usb memory'.
  3. Because Ubuntu uses the automount option the android usb device was automatically mounted under /media/disk. Otherwise I could had used the shell command 'mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt' for mounting the device manually.
  4. Inside of my adroid smartphone I created two directories: /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones and /sdcard/media/audio/notifications. For this action I used my new android filemanager.
  5. Now I copied my Amelie extract into the directory /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones and unmouted the device.
  6. Finally I opened the id card of my darling and selected the waltz of amelie as her specific ring tone.


Ok - on this way I made a mistake and ran into an android trap: Firstly I copied my musicfiles into any other directory inside of /sdcard/media. Then I played this little music file using my android music player. And while playing this ring tone song I pushed the menu button and touched the offered entry 'as ring tone'. This seemed to be an intended and usable method. But when I restarted my android smartphone my newly installed sounds were nore longer selectable as ringtones - although the already selected ringtones still worked fine: while restarting my android handy had lost the information about the new ringtone. For me this seems to be bug. But as soon as I stored the files into /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones I could select my ringtone files permanentely.