Finally even I had to change my mind!

In 1996 - after nearly 200 years of discussions and improvements - the new German orthography was formally approved by the government. Ignorant as I can be, I ignored it - even more: to underline my contrary mindset I decided to write from now on consequently with small letters. Very soon I developed that it's not a good idea if you want to write letter of applications. So finally I followed FAZ - and used the old rules.

But in 2006 - after two other officially approved changes of the changes - even the FAZ decided to use the last new set of rules. So in 2010 it really seems to be time to say goodby - and to arrive in the present by (re)learning the (new) rules of the (new) German orthography.

For me learning doesn't mean Learning by Doing, but Learning by Rule-Paraphrasing - to get a well prepared cheat sheet: Spelling, Capitalizing, Separating, and Punctuation.