Linux & Android

Dream and Reality - Experiences and Hurdles

I love to work with GNU/Linux. My preferred internet provider is the Deutsche Telekom AG (yes, I'm succesfully eating our own cooking). And recently I fall in love with Android. Hence to realize a wedding in the heaven was a must.

'Update' or: 'The Last Try'

Since Friday 2011-09-02 - nearly 2 years after having started the adventure 'Andoid' - I am the proud owner of a Sony Ericsson Mini Pro with a physical keyboard and Android 2.3, naturally offered by DTAG/t-mobile. Simply an amazing gadget! There's only one point: 2GB sdcard and only 97mb free? I had to erase unnecessary files: Under /others I killed all unused language files. Then I erased the content of /TryAndBu , all forgotten thumbnails and all silly music and movie files. Now I've 795mb free.

What had been my first original motivation to collect these GNU/Linux & Android infos? I wanted to integrate my android mobile phone into my GNU/Linux environment - as far as possible with the products of Deutsche Telekom AG. What was the result? It was possible to connect both worlds, indeed, but only with Google, not with the phone books and calendars of the DTAG. Now the important question: has this situation been changed meanwhile? Regrettably not for me: I followed the instructions to synchronize my mobile phone with But finally I couldn't transfer any data into the DTAG cloud. I live my company. But for the moment I don't try it again. Hence I can close this little project.

But naturally you can read my elder reports on the following pages and lines:

'Initial Setup' or: 'The First Try'

Unfortunately the reality is often more tricky than expected: although Android is a Linux based operating system for smartphones the integration into an undiluted Linux desktop environment seems not to be as simple as I had hoped. Anyway, to share the experiences is a small brick in the walls of the castle of the community:

My environment ist constituted by the following modules: